Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say...

On our Quality Assurance Survey, all of the below customers selected 'strongly agree' on all points:

  • Kolbe ServicePro responded quickly.
  • The technician was courteous and professional.
  • The office staff was courteous and professional.
  • The quality of work exceeded my expectations.
  • My overall satisfaction with your service is high and I would recommend you to my friends.

"Luke did a really nice job supplying the replacement parts we needed for our windows and sliding door. He provided tech support phone numbers in case we needed help for our jab liner. I would highly recommend Luke to others who need Kolbe replacement parts. It is a pleasure working with him and your team!"

Greg, Appleton area, August 2012

"The technician that did the installation on our house (Todd Porstner) was outstanding. He was quick, clean and knowledgeable. Our Realtor had a last-minute photographer come to take photos of our house, and Todd made sure to prioritize the order of the installation properly and was great about cleaning up after himself along the way. He even helpfully suggested leaving off our screens for the photos so that our rooms appear brighter! Todd was great, and so were Kyle and Luke!"

Sandie Rohrer, Waukesha, WI, May 2011

"This team was excellent - I'd have them again if I need service and I would recommend them.... Todd was a delight to have working on the install. He seemed knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, neat, and especially sensitive to our specific needs in regards to traffic patterns and timing (five children to coordinate around). The whole team was good but we saw more of Todd. "

Janet Haltman, Roselle IL, Feb. 2011
Kolbe ServicePro replaced her windows and doors with Ultra Series casements and Garden-Aire sliding patio doors.

"Todd and Tim did an awesome job. They work great together and are a great team! We were very impressed with their work and would recommend your company to all of our friends. The windows look great and the difference they make is unbelievable. We had such a draft in our house and had the crappiest windows ever! Thank you for sending out professionals to do this job as they were very professional!"

Jamie Coates, Bartlett, IL, Jan. 2011
Kolbe ServicePro replaced her windows with Latitude® Series Double Hungs

"We built our house 10 years ago and are in the process of moving. There were a few windows that needed some minor TLC. Luke was incredibly helpful in facilitating service to get us what we needed as quickly as possible. What was amazing to me was these windows are 10 years old and Kolbe still backs their product with great service. Todd Porstner was the gentleman that actually did the service work and he did a fantastic job. I can’t say enough good things about the team!"

Tom Maskel, Aug. 2010
Kolbe ServicePro serviced their double hungs & sliding door, so they would operate more smoothly (vinyl).

"Planning the whole job was very easy and fast. The installer was great and knowledgeable. I would recommend Kolbe Service Pro."

Marian, Grafton WI, July 2010

"Installers were top notch – cared about their product and our complete satisfaction. They were always helpful, courteous, and professional. You have a super team – all your windows should be installed by this group."

George Kunzman, June 2010
Kolbe ServicePro installed 24 Ultra Series pocket double hung windows

"The ServicePro technicians were true professionals. Not only did they make a first class installation of the new doors but they corrected defects in the original opening which allowed air seepage. The room where the new doors are installed is now warmer in winter than it has been in thirty years. We happily anticipate lower heating bills this year."

Ross Firestone, Jan. 2010
Kolbe ServicePro installed a new four-wide Ultra Series exterior door unit

"Our service technicians were absolutely amazing! In addition to quickly and seamlessly correcting our door issues, one of the techs was even able make suggestions on how we could correct some heating issues in our kids' rooms! Thanks to their help and thoughtfulness, we've been able to raise the temperature in those rooms by over 6 degrees so now they match the rest of the house. Talk about service excellence!"

Andy Dennis, Jan. 2010
Kolbe ServicePro adjusted a sliding patio door and applied silicone to allow the door to slide smoother and increase energy efficienc.

"Today it is very unusual to get the very fast and excellent service from anyone and the workmanship of the installer was unbelievable good."

Charles Bartlett, Jan. 2010
Kolbe ServicePro replaced a casement sash and provided new weatherstripping

"I am grateful that my builder utilized a reputable, experienced and large window manufacturer to provide windows for my building. Not only is K&K still in business, but they provide support "years down the line". Upon e-mailing the manufacturer, I received a quick reply to my questions which was further followed up by courteous and helpful support. In my case, I was visted by Kyle who not only addressed my immediate concerns, but inspected my windows and provided helpful feedback and information. I feel as though I am in reliable hands and will certainly share this information among my neighbors. Many thanks again for the follow-up and follow through - that is a rare commodity these days!"

Cindy, Chicago, Dec. 2009
Kolbe ServicePro instpected and adjusted casements in this home.

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"Great job and fast service! Thank you!" Matt Polyock, Sept. 2009

Kolbe ServicePro® installed:

19 white vinyl double hung windows with fiberglass screens and grilles-in-the-airspace with 3/4" white bars (see photos at right; click to enlarge)

Triple-mulled double hungs

Twin-mulled and single
double hung units on second floor

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"Great Service! Thank You!"
Kurt & Jenny Junghen, Sept. 2009

Kolbe ServicePro® installed:

Ultra Series casement windows with extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior in the color "Rustic;" LoE³-366 glass to achieve optimal energy efficiency; performance divided lites with 7/8" bars; and windows with no grilles on the back of the home. (see photos at right; click to enlarge)